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released May 1, 2014



all rights reserved


IOLA Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Iolta
A thousand acres, a thousand miles,
A thousand years, a thousand whiles away from
Those every-things, those challenged-tides,
Those volumed-rages, those writhing chalk dividers.
A misery-ed nation, a mountain side, collapsing slowly,
Into the end of time, into the end of time.
No, no, the end's not dying. No, no, the end's not dying.

A followed victory, with mother's sighs,
A god-torn splendor, a lustful tryst reminded,
Of fallen stations, of passive strives, a molten swan song
At the end of time, at the end of time,
No, no, the end's not dying, no, no, the end's not dying.

No, what will we go? Where will we do? Who? Wasps, tossed shots.
Fires in your hollowed, swallowed swoons.
Gunned, shunned, and collared in your room.
Whoa! Dugg-heels, yelling, "SLOW!"
Frosts, costs, and bossed, gone off.
Born, shorn, de-enlightened, falling through, following through,
Following in tune.

A revelation, a run-and-hide,
An education, of who to bring and leave behind.
A cross-lit sculpture, with full-grown thighs.
A messy scripture, with sexy lines divining.
A quick solution, with alibis, with I-didn't-do-nothings,
At the end of time.
Track Name: Isamu
Baby, you've got a lot that I need.
Baby, you've got a lot that I don't.
But, with you I don't mind-- I'm taking them both.
Baby with you, it's all fine.

You found my soul in the village downtown.
And, you found my soul with my feet on the ground.
And, at the gig on your roof, it's all living proof,
Baby, you've got all that I need.

And, I've combined, loving and taking my time.
And, I will try to be with you as long as it's right.

Baby, it's cool, the way that you cry.
Baby it's cool, the way that I die.
But, when I run into you, and one becomes two.
Baby, with you it's all fine.

When I'm a mess, you call me at night, to tell me my prayers
And, vanish the sites, that tear me to shreds and bleed though my head.
Baby, you got all I need.

And, I've survived, loving and taking my time.
And, I will try to be with you as long as it's right.

Once the past comes and sweeps it up; it's not what you thought,
It's not what you got out of it.
And, once your fire's gone and faded away, you're not going to stay.
You just cannot stay.
But, here's to the hope of trying again.

Many will come and pass through my bed, to fight with my fools,
And, cowardly tread through the masks of my dreams;
But, you're in for me. Baby, you've got all I need.

Baby, my heart is spread open wide, from the tops of your trees,
To the crests of your tides, and, to the depths of your blues,
I'm all in for you.
Baby, with you it's all fine.