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Shulers is a gem mine where I spent much of my summers at a child in North Carolina.


Little bee, little bee, get your stings out of me,
I’m as numb as I ever will be.
In the sun, in the sun, the drugs done and won.
You fell when you were having your fun.

And, when, you’re taking a test, and, you’re cheating a lot
And, the woman you love, well, you bet her and lost-
Lemme be, let me be,
Please, push my boat free-
I’ll swim when it touches the sea.
But, why is life so hard?

On the sand, on the sand, your face found the land,
Saw his boots and you started to stand.
But, he’s telling you “No,”
And, your heart starts to slow,
And, the needles are bright in a dark, lonely night.
Nice and quiet, nice and quiet- just rest for your mind.
Some sleep and you’re gonna be fine.
But, why is life so long?

On the ride, on the ride, to your true, blushing bride,
It’s all dead, it’s all dead with a gun to its head.
It’s the invisible line between was-yours and be-mine.
It’s the cruelest design, it’s a deity’s fine.
Oh the span, oh the span of the heaviest hand!


from ARNFINN, released July 2, 2015
Carey Sveen: lyrics, music
Evan Fricks: guitar
Robert Hellyer: bass guitar
Craig Howe: drums, glockenspiel



all rights reserved


IOLA Brooklyn, New York

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