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released May 23, 2013

Carey Sveen, Rob Hellyer, Craig Howe, Evan Fricks



all rights reserved


IOLA Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Nikwasi
I walk in a circle around our bed
Walk in a circle around our room
Walk in a circle around our block
Walk in a circle away from you

I picked up a piece of a broken thumb
Picked up a piece of the fragmented moon
Picked up a piece of an elephant
Picked up a piece of my love for you

And, the sweat lodges, and the green grasses
And, the animal that steals your soul away
It's the flash of lightning, and the comet happening
It's the voice from the tree that scares the rain
It's not your choice, it's not your hand
It's the gust and the wind and the mud and the falling in

I made some friends on the black market
I made some friends in a quick search for youth
I made some friends up in outer space
I made some friends away from you

And, the fired-hearted, and the dearly parted
And, the breeze that feels like your lover's hands
It's the stolen shadows, and the man in the window
It's the blast of the pen on the paper's edge
It's not your choice, it's not your hand
It's the faults and the plates and the cliffs and the falling in

I stirred the pot til the spoon melted
I tightened the doors til the air turned blue
I grasped my books and I shouted out
I cast my spells away from you

And, the paused breath signs, and the semaphores in your mind
And, the marvel of your final day
And, the masked villains, and the made millions
On top of the spine of hunger's child
It's not your choice, it's not your hand
It's the tears and the gasps and the spit and the falling in
It's the pasts and the fists and the blood and the falling in

I walk in a circle around our block
Walk in a circle around our room
Walk in a circle around our bed
Walk in a circle away from you
Track Name: Leiligheten
You've got a house that's clean and fine
That's all I'm needing
I got a touch that makes things nice
That's all I'm saying
You've got a globe that's made of ice
That's slowly melting the traces of this winter on your floor

You had a tough year just like mine
I'm glad we're leaving it
We were thrown around, that will suffice
The summarizing
Now I want you wholly in my life
But, let's agree it's only for tonight

A field would be the place to hold you tight
Let's dream about it
A fire would keep this loving burning bright
Let's scheme about it
But, the city's so cold and traveling's a total fright
So, let's agree it's only for tonight

Left yours with scratches and a bite
Of your ink-stained beauty
You were cool with our friends the other night
Like you never knew me
But, this time around I will not fight
Just laying low in the passion of the things that we did right

Don't want a thing less than divine
So, let's agree it was only for that night
Track Name: El Trueno
It's a party and you're invited
It's a party, I wanna see you there
When you walk in you're gonna know what it's all about
It's a party, I'm gonna find you there

When they saw you, they stopped and stared
Your bones were tight and your chest was bare
They say "Goddamn, he takes up all of our air."
It's a party, you're gonna thrive there

But, what's it gonna take for your restless lungs to shake
The part, part, part that holds up your walls

It's a party, the lights are open now
Lines dwindled when you erased them out
They say "Fresh face, you conquered without a bloody shout."
It's a party, and you figured them out

But, what will someone feel when they turn your spinning wheel
The gold, gold, gold has built up a wall

Their mouths opened, but your winnings you count
Throngs mingled, but, you're slipping out
With a whispered girl you found inside me but without
The vastness of a lifetime's drought

But, what will you decide when you choke and start to hide
From the kill, kill, kill that builds up your walls
And, what will be defined by a flash of suicide
The grace, grace, grace of gone, it isn't mine

At the party, you pushed the crowd
You grabbed my hand and pulled me out
I drowned inside your eyes and forgot to bring my doubt
From the party, but, we've escaped it now
Track Name: McRae
Breeze blows through bushes and rips up the asphalt
But, they find their way to the worshipping place
They find some needles and blame all the new folk
And, I got a long way to go

Teens are embarrassed of their parents' jalopies
They think they got it all wrong
But, I'm still the gal that wants Gap jeans and a Ranger
And, I got a long way to go

They think she's cute cuz she kisses on the earlobe
But, she knows she's losing her nerve
They think she'll move fast, but, she thought she'd moved fast
And, I got a long way to go

Jail's nice and empty but the meth's started cooking
Teeth already falling from our heads
Preacher's coming whistling, but, he's really hustling
And, I got a long way to go